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By Chrissy Iley

I’m a little obsessed with the Lee Stafford Coco Loco Dry Shampoo (£4.99). It goes with me everywhere and the Coco Dry Shampoo leaves hair looking way healthier and shinier than my home blow dry. It gives texture, it gets rid of greasy roots and flat hair and it makes hair big and shiny. And the smell is beyond gorgeous.

Coco Loco by Lee Stafford

Coco Loco by Lee Stafford

I’ve now had almost the whole Coco Loco range. The mousse which manages to be rather luxuriant without being sticky, the balm which is pure rock and roll hair in a tiny pot and the latest one is the Coco Loco Heat Protection Mist (£5.99). Because I never have enough time or skill to properly blow dry my hair, even if I can manage a root lift the ends and mid lengths are always too fluffy. Too flyaway, too dry. This spray helps to protect the hair from the effects of the hairdryer and my unskilled hands.

It acts as a conditioning shield but it doesn’t condition in a way that leaves your hair limp. It makes it smooth with a little bit of shine. It adds a glow and strength and the Coco Loco Heat Protection Mist seems to have an even more delicious smell of coconut. Possibly activated by heat. I’m not sure but it’s heady and delicious.


Lee Stafford Coco Loco Heat Protection Mist  £5.99

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