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London Cocktail Weel

London Cocktail Weel

It’s that time of the year again, when London gets ready to celebrate its love of cocktails, with a whole week dedicated to the varied cocktail recipes and establishments on offer in the capital. Here are some of the most interesting concoctions that will be available from Monday 7th to Sunday 13th October:

The Perkin Reveller will be serving The Royal Bees Knees, which uses fresh seasonal quince for a fruity autumnal flavour. The cocktail is comprised of jasmine infused gin, home-made quince puree, wildflower honey, bee pollen and fresh lemon juice, all shaken together and toped with The Perkin Reveller’s house made jasmine soda water. Head Barman Jeremy Pascal then garnishes the drink with a caramel basket, honey spoon and edible flower. If the decadent look of the thing doesn’t have you enchanted then the taste certainly will.

GOAT of Chelsea is sticking with an oriental theme and serving up their aptly named ‘Little Tokyo’ cocktail. Ingredients include beefeater gin, plum wine, powdered plum, egg white and a few magical ingredients that we shall never be privy to! What we are allowed to know is that the key to the cocktail is to use dried powdered fruit instead of fruit juice to achieve a seriously intense flavour.

Parlour Bar in Canary Wharf are serving up a frothy taste of spring with their Nott in Hill, made from Gypsy Lavender Honey, vanilla vodka and fresh lemon served with a sprig of fresh lavender. It has been likened to a grown up ice cream float, and we for one can’t wait to get stuck in.

Royal Bees Knees cocktail at The Perkin Reveller

Rum and Sugar is teaming up with Lambs Rum for London Cocktail Week and boast their very own The Ampersand cocktail which mixes Lambs Navy Rum, Creme de Orgea, fresh lime juice and cranberry juice. For all the rum fiends out there, this is the one for you.

Kamique in Convent Garden is sticking with their variation of a classic for London Cocktail Week with their Cucumber Mojito. In place of the classic rum, this mojito will be made with gin, then muddled with cucumber, lime, mint and sugar before being topped with soda water.

As well as being the ideal time and place to try the best of London’s cocktails, there will also be a host of seminars, pop-up bars, tastings, parties and master-classes, aimed at both novices and experienced professionals, all of which are there to inspire, educate and bring together cocktail lovers in London.The base this year is in the West End’s Seven Dials which will play host to a street party type atmosphere for the week.

Wristbands for the event must be purchased beforehand on the London Cocktail Week official website here. Wristbands cost £10 and with them cocktails cost £4. Entirely worth it we say!

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