London Design Festival 2012

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London Design Festival 2012

September 14-23 London is due to host the most exciting and innovative design festival in the world once more. During these 10 days a variety of events and exhibits that show the richness and depth of design will take place all over the city. There will be also a series of major events at the world’s greatest design museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, as well as high profile Landmark Projects at some of London’s greatest landmarks.

With over 300 events this year, there’s far more than any single person could see. However, the London Design Festival website breaks down the activities by category and location. The site also allows you to create and save your own itinerary and there is even a London Design Festival app, to make attending and planning for events as pain-less as possible.

Categories of events include: Furniture, Interiors, Talks & Debates, Glass and Ceramics, Lighting, Fabrics, Craft, Graphic design, Fashion, Art and Design, Issues, Architecture, International, Digital Design, and Product Design. So all in all there truly is something for everyone.

However, the most promoted events are the Landmark Projects. These are the product of some of the greatest designers and architects in the world who were asked to experiment with new materials and processes.

Prism Installation

Prism, created by London-based designer, digital artist and film maker Keiichi Matsuda, presents an alternative view of London. Prism is a  sculptural, immersive interface suspended in the Victoria & Albert Museum’s uppermost cupola, that exposes unseen data flows in the capital. The installation is an investigation into the virtual life of the city, and our own relationship with the data that controls our lives.

Matsuda’ installation is made up from a series of screens through which fast moving data streams are visualised, coaxed into unfolding shapes and patterns of light and colour. Showing everything from transport data to economic statistics, Prism feeds on the digital outputs of London to transform them into a colorful living patchwork.

In Matsuda’s words, “The installation is an investigation into the virtual life of the city, and our own often ambiguous relationship with the data that controls our lives.”

Mimicry Chairs Installation

Also invited to take part in the London Design Festival and create an installation in the V&A is Nendo, a Japanese studio that has emerged as one of the most dynamic design groups of the last decade.

Ben Evans, Director of London Design Festival, stated that, “The breadth and quality of their work is outstanding and they’re the new stars of design. It is why we have positioned them as a key project in our residency at the V&A this year.”

Nendo’s project Mimicry Chairs comprises a series of elegant chair installations appearing in varying locations throughout the Museum. To juxtapose the often ornate museum surrounding, Nendo has created a simple chair archetype made from pressed and punched metal, finished in white to give it a ghost-like appearance.

As you journey through the museum, the chairs of the installation have been modified and morphed to mimic the space they inhabit as well as the surrounding objects. Visitors are invited to sit on the chair installations and observe the museum and it’s collections from new perspectives.

This is just a peek at the wonders that comprise the London Design Festival. The 300 events and installations are sure to intrigue the masses and open new doorways in the world of design.

The London Design Festival, September 14- 23

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