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By Chrissy Iley

I’ve for a long time been of the opinion you are what you eat. If you get compulsive about eating chocolate, toast and other things that are really not food but are more to do with convenience or comfort eating, your skin is the first to suffer. Spots don’t just come with PMT because of hormonal changes. They come because of chocolate. I know this for sure.

LQ liquid health have come up with a liquid supplement especially formulated for younger, stronger skin and skin hydration, healthy hair and strong nails.

LQ Liquid Health Skin, Hair and Nails

LQ Liquid Health Skin, Hair and Nails

Because it’s a liquid, it’s much easier to absorb into your system. I keep the little vials in the fridge and their taste is actually quite addictive. I like the idea that it’s an anti-ageing shot. It feels like tequila but not. It is in fact three super charged anti ages. Collagen, hyaluronic acid and resveratrol along with a supportive cast of advanced anti-oxidants, it’s been clinically proven that such ingredients work faster from the inside out. A study done shows that these ingredients are a 100 times more effective when ingesting them as opposed to applying a topical collagen style cream. The science is to do with placing the collagen peptides straight into the bloodstream bypassing the epidermis and penetrating directly into the dermis, encouraging skin to produce more collagen.

I know that science doesn’t always work and although when I first began with these vials, I liked the uplifting feeling, it took a couple of weeks which is a lot for me before I noticed my skin was much clearer my hair seemed fuller and my nails were less peeling.

Each 50ml bottle is packed with 7000mg of high absorption pure marine collagen. So it plumps wrinkles and fine lines from within. Hyaluronic is the buzz word for nature’s moisturiser. Biotin is the big deal when it comes to hair and nails. Vitamin C is a huge one for the skin and drinking it is much much better than taking it in pill form. It also is packed with vitamin E which protects all cells from anti-oxidants and selenium which is also nature’s helper wit nails and hair.

It’s true the nails are the last to show improvement and my most vulnerable point. But people have actually been commenting on the thickness of my hair and these comments came within the absence of a John Frieda blow dry. It’s also well known that because we have a busy life and a stress diet we’re generally not good at absorption with tablets. The more we’ve abused our stomach, the less stomach acid and digestive enzymes we have and although it’s not a scientific fact it’s a feeling I think I’ve worried some of my stomach acid away and the more stressed among us need help with the delivery of nutrients. It’s why the vitamin drips with stressed celebs and power execs became so popular. It’s all about the liquid. These are sold in Boots though it’s not like they’re hard to get hold of.

They are £29.99 for a box of 10 so while not cheap, not exorbitant and after the first box you will be addicted.

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