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Mimi ON May 27, 2011 AT 2:10 pm

Madd dessert bar

Madd dessert bar

Rupert Street, in Soho, is becoming quite the place for desserts with the opening of Snog, bubbleology and now Madd.

Madd is a new dessert bar which takes all it’s inspiration from the simple, yet rather delious, mango – mango+addiction = Madd, get it! The bar has a very chilled vibe, with low tables littered with Connet 4’s and Uno (remember Uno?), I was very impressed!

Anyway, the quirky dessert bar has an interesting menu of delicious mango based desserts and drinks. The drinks include smoothies, lassies and milk shakes, which actually come in a few non-mango related flavours. The deserts, which are fantastic, include a Tart, silky smooth, mango pan cotta, the Mousse, which is a bit like a cheesecake, with a lovely mango topping on a crunchy base and, my favourite of them all, the Siam, juicy mango served with the most wonderful sticky coconut rice. The rice was perfect, rich and not teeth numbingly sweet. Delicious.

I am a real fan of dessert bars, either popping in for desserts sake or just finishing off a meal somewhere different. I was really impressed with Madd and hope it does really well.

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