Marmite. Love It. Hate It. Just Don’t Forget It.

BATD ON Aug 06, 2013 AT 2:16 pm

I’m not proud of it but I will admit to it. I’m an offender. Of the very worst, foodie kind. But it’s not my fault. Honest.

My OH, he loves it. Would use it every day if he could. If I’d let him. But once he’s done, with Marigolds firmly in place, it returns to its home, at the very back of the cupboard, out of sight, out of mind and most definitely, out of mouth. Because, quite simply, I just can’t bear it. The smell, the taste, the texture. Even that little yellow lid makes my skin crawl.

I never really thought about it, if I’m honest. Until a couple of days ago, when I spotted a little white van, plastered with the Marmite bottle and emblazoned with the words Marmite Rehoming Unit down the side. Weird, but hey, it’s London, I’ve seen far stranger and I do recall receiving an email from Marmite not so long ago with regards to an upcoming campaign. This must be it.

End #MarmiteNeglect

Or so I thought.

Until this morning when, flicking through my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds I was bombarded with stories of #MarmiteNeglect everywhere I looked.

Marmite, it appears, has had enough. Enough of being relegated to the back of over-crowded kitchen cupboards. Enough of seeing their much loved (and oft hated) jars being neglected, under used and under appreciated.

And so the penny drops. Marmite’s Rehoming Unit has hit the streets to hunt down the nation’s Marmite Neglectors. Stripping them of their mistreated Marmite jars, and re-homing them to kitchen cupboards where they’ll be more loved, used, and wanted.

I hate to say it, but please someone give the Rehoming Unit my details. . . because in all honesty I’d much rather the Marmite shoved at the back of our cupboard went to a better home.  And if you too have a Marmite jar that could do with a happier life, or know of one that does, head here for more info

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