Masterchef Recipes from Tim Anderson!

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Masterchef Tim Anderson for Oral B

Masterchef Tim Anderson for Oral B

We love our food but we don’t like what it can do to our teeth and now we are all (hopefully) going to live into a ripe old age our gnashers have a longer way to go. Red wine, spicy foods, fruit juices – it’s all against us in terms of protecting our tooth enamel. Knowing this Oral-B the makers of Pro-Expert toothpaste, decided to take us all along for a cooking session with Tim Anderson, winner of Masterchef, to teach us some enamel friendly recipes that have inspired us to get cooking. So we went along to The Cookery School, Little Portland Street, London where we were put through amateur chef paces.

First on the list of delights was sashimi which included a lot of exotic ingredients (all to be found at your local oriental supermarket) and was really easy to make. No cooking, just slicing and chopping and truly divine in flavour. The beautiful fish anchors the texture in your mouth with a dash of passion fruit and a cold nutty blast of seaweed. Here’s the recipe in case you want to give it a go.

Sashimi With Passion Fruit Foam and Wasabi Tsuyu Granita (serves 3) 



Ingredients - For the sashimi Ingredients: 300g sashimi grade tuna, mackarel, or other oily fish – yellowtail is recommended as it’s fatty and buttery in winter. Scale and fillet the fish. Try and get it done at the fishmongers. To keep the sheen effect of the fish don’t saw it. Sharp slice through. Trim into a solid rectangle. Cover with cling film and keep cool.

For the seaweed salad Ingredients: 10g dried kaiso (sea vegetable) salad, 10g hijiki (a dark-coloured grassy seaweed which is nutty and chocolatey, savoury but not salty). Soak the seaweeds in warm water for 30 minutes, until tender. Drain and reserve the seaweed water.

For the passion fruit foam The foam doesn’t have any texture or add wetness so it doesn’t intrude on the texture of the dish. Ingredients: 1 passion fruit, 30ml water, 2g lecithin, 0.25g xanthan gum (all natural ingredients!) Mix all the ingredients with a hand blender. Pass through a fine sieve and reserve.

For the wasabi granita Ingredients: 30 ml shoyu, 8g wasabi powder, 5ml rice vinegar, 5ml mirin, 5 dashi no moto powder, some ice. Granita is a fancy slush. Blitz all ingredients together in a food processor into a chunky slush. Keep frozen until ready to plate up.

To serve Slice the fish into 1cm thick strips. Place a mound of seaweed salad in the center of the bowl, and arrange the fish on top. Spoon some granita on top of the fish. Whip the foam mixture with a hand blender until frothy, and add 3-4 small spoonfuls of foam around the plate. Place a small sprig of dill sticking out of each bit of foam.

Our second and spectacular dish was a Hen’s Nest of Tea-stained Egg, Leek Bhaji Nest and Chana Masala Puree. A show-stopper of a dish…

Hen's Egg

Hen’s Nest of Tea-stained Egg, Leek Bhaji Nest and Chana Masala Puree

Everyone left with big smiles and no small thanks to Oral-B Pro-Expert who made it all happen. Their All-Around antibacterial and fluoride toothpaste has taken twenty years to develop and has only just been made available in the UK. They describe it as ‘teflon for teeth’ as it coats the teeth before and helps after staining food and drinks. The biggest challenge as we live longer is enamel erosion not cavities and we have a problem with plaque, gum disease, sensitivity, caries, staining and tartar – and let’s face it we all like to avoid the dentist as much as possible. Anything too acidic will rot teeth and the experts at Oral-B advise regular rinsing with water after food and using a mouthwash regularly. Of course they have their own,  Oral-B Anti-Plaque Alcohol-free Mouth Rinse which is not too strong and widely available.

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