Material Girl: Ways To Save

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Material Girl

Material Girl

Even with the best will in the world saving money is tough. Even without splurges or being excessive, sometimes it’s hard to see where you could squeeze that little extra from each month to warrant a weekend away or for those last-minute plans that you inevitably, and sadly, end up saying no to. Here are our tips for savvy saving;

It’s The Little Things

That daily caffeine kick, the sneaky occasional taxi or even just the over-priced lunch you grab because you didn’t have time to pull together a packed one this morning. It all adds up, sure, you know that. But have you really stopped to think just how much? An extra fiver a day on lunch is £100 a month, which could quite easily pay for a cheeky weekend away with the girls once in a while. And that’s just lunch. Add to that the short bus journeys that you could quite easily have walked or that extra “let’s just have one more” cocktail at £10 that will no doubt be the cause of tomorrow’s hangover and the reason you missed the last tube and had to spend £15 on the black cab home.

Flash The Cash

Although plastic most definitely has its place, if you’re anything like us, you’ll know that paying by card feels ever so slightly like playing with monopoly money and makes those more indulgent and extravagant purchases far less guilt-inducing. Instead, try taking out a certain amount of cash each week – say for groceries and every day essentials such as lunch. You’ll be far less likely to buy those extra unnecessary items if you’re, literally, counting the pennies.

Shop Around

And no we don’t mean literally – that’s not really a great way to save money now is it?  But if you are purchasing anything, no matter how big or small, don’t just buy it at the first opportunity. Do a little groundwork first, google it, check price comparisons, we promise it will pay off – even if the saving is minimal – why would you pay more for the very same item?! And it doesn’t have to be products that you shop around for. If you’re a Londoner and you tend towards flagging a cab, why not try Green Tomatoes instead for eco-friendly, reliable and cheaper-than-a-black-cab travel. Rather than nipping into that Central London nail bar for a casual and quickie manicure – try somewhere local. More often than not you’ll be surprised at the service, as well as price difference. And believe it or not, rather than popping into your nearest and dearest Tesco Metro for some supper on the way home, buy meat from a local butcher, not only will the quality be far superior, but you’re also likely to only buy what you really need rather than shelling out on food that will get wasted.

Super Splurges

If a rather large purchase is on the horizon (and no we don’t mean the new Mulberry Willow bag) and there’s nothing else for it except a loan don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Plump for a reputable company – not one of these 3,000% interest loan sharks, and always ALWAYS read the small print.

Clydesdale Bank’s instant decision loan offers an APR representative of 5.1% on all loans between £7,500 and £15,000 (subject to conditions). Further product information can be found here


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