Mo Bros Cookbook; Roasted Fruit Parcels & Vanilla Ice Cream

Mimi ON Nov 15, 2012 AT 10:26 am

The Mo Bros cookbook has made Movember more than a month of waiting, watching and inevitably laughing as the men in our lives grow (or at least attempt to) facial fluff in the name of charity. Bring It On Home is a Mo Bros cookbook aimed at encouraging men to get cooking with heathy and hearty dishes that are easy to make and even easier to enjoy.

To help celebrate Movember and encourage our men folk to feast on the finest, we’ve got the recipes for one complete meal, from starter to dessert, that are featured in the Bring It On Home cookbook.

Roasted Fruit Parcels With Vanilla Ice Cream


Roasted Fruit Parcels with Vanilla Ice Cream

Ciaran McGonagle

INGREDIENTS    (Serves 6)

• 1 loaf of brioche (you can buy this from a good bakery)

• 2 bananas, sliced

• 500g strawberries

• 3 peaches, halved

• Tub of vanilla ice cream

• 6 pieces of tin foil cut into 15cm square sheets


• Cut the brioche into slices about 2cm in thickness and divide evenly between the sheets of tin foil to form parcels.

• Evenly divide the fruit between the parcels and sprinkle with brown sugar. Close the foil parcels and cook on the BBQ with the lid closed on a very low heat for about 30 minutes.


Serve hot with vanilla ice cream.

To learn more about the Movember Cookbook check out our feature here.

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