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When it comes to Nadège Nourian, executive pastry chef and owner of Nadège Patisserie in Toronto, it looks like creating delicious French desserts is in her blood. Born in Lyon, France, this fourth-generation pastry chef and chocolatier, confectioner, ice cream maker, traiteur, baker and artist sure knows how to whip up some of the most delectable desserts I’ve ever seen or tasted. I do consider myself rather a connoisseur, so well placed to judge.

Nadège and the manager of the patisserie, Morgan McHugh, have made Nadège an award-winning dessert heaven in Toronto. They met in London and after living in the city and working at award winning restaurant Hakassan they decided to move to Toronto and set up shop. With an OCAD background in Fine Arts and a passion for architecture, McHugh gave Nadège a cool, modern, and minimalist vibe with flashes of fuschia among the crisp, white walls, a beautiful patio to view the Toronto sunsets, and an open concept kitchen where you can see the masters at work. It looks part lab and part how you want heaven look, though the design itself is minimalist, the food is anything but.

Nadège offers delicious breakfasts, lunches, and drinks, but the must-try French desserts are what have people flocking to Nadège Patisserie. The cakes and macaroons are out of this world, in fact I think I did go to heaven for the moments it took me to eat the salted caramel macaroon, or maybe that should read seconds. They have recently opened another store and are regularly booked for all the best parties in town, they were supplying platters of loveliness for the Vanity Fair party that night during our visit. I urge you to seek them out if you are ever in the city, a real treat!

To see more delicious cakes and works of art look at the site here

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