Namo Restaurant

Mimi ON Sep 30, 2010 AT 9:30 am

Namo Restaurant

Namo Restaurant

By John Gregory-Smith

For years I have lived in West London, but with the fear of my 30th birthday looming I decided to move east to shake things up a bit. It’s very cool and I am loving my new office (Shoreditch House). However one thing that has bothered me is not knowing the good local restaurants. Well I put my feelers out and was thrilled to discover Namo; a lovely, family run Vietnamese restaurant on Victoria Park Road, which served some of the best Vietnamese food I have ever had in London and if I am really honest Vietnam as well.

I dined with my old friend Caroline and we were not shy with our order. For our starters we had the steamed spring rolls that were like Chinese rice rolls split open, covered with prawns and onions and served with a deliciously tangy sweet chilli sauce. We also had crispy squid with garlic and chilli, which was served in large pieces, beautifully battered so it was light and crispy, with loads of sticky spring onions and red and green chillies. We moved onto a brief salad course or goi as they are called. Our goi tom was packed full of chilli, mint and beef, which was so tender that every tangy bite was a pleasure to guzzle down. For our mains we went for the pork stew that was seasoned with 5 spice, turmeric and black pepper. It was so fragrant and melted in the mouth, it really was a pleasure to eat. Our final main was cha ca la vong, lightly fried monkfish with turmeric, served with dill and peanuts. It was a lovely modern twist on something I had eaten in Hanoi and worked extremely well. 

Namo was a great local find and I can’t wait to go back and eat my way through the entire menu. The food was so good that I would recommend it to anyone, wherever you live, it’s definitely worth the journey.

178 Victoria Park Road
E9 7HD
Tel: 020 8533 0639

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