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John Gregory-Smith ON Sep 27, 2010 AT 3:31 pm

Salto Cocktails

Salto Cocktails

By John Gregory-Smith

Caipirinhas are one of my favourite cocktails. They are sour, sweet, really fresh and very boozy. The drinks are made with loads of lime juice, sugar and a Brazilian spirit called Cachaca (pronounced ka-shah-sa), which is simply made from fresh pressed sugar cane. What’s not to like!

Mixing cocktails at home is always great fun and a Caipirinha is a good one to try out as it’s pretty straight forward. Sadly Cachaca is very hard to get hold of, so I was thrilled to have been sent a bottle by a new, UK based, Cachaca brand called Salto.

Salto have imported a lovely Brazilian Cachaca and added a few extra ingredients including bitter orange, grapefruit and lime. The result is a wonderfully citrusy, sweet-sour drink, which is perfect over ice or with a little tonic and lime for a long drink.

 1.5 billion litres of Cachaca are consumed every year in Brazil so we are obviously missing a trick! It’s time to get involved people. Salto is being served at some of London’s best bars including Hush in Mayfair, who have 6 delicious Salto cocktails to try

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