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by Annie Vischer

Nike+ FuelBand SE

Nike+ FuelBand SE

So the evenings (and mornings) are starting to get super chilly and the prospect of gearing up to head out on a run is ever so slightly less appealing. Nevertheless, if you are planning on running a marathon this summer, or even just aiming to stay in shape over the Christmas period (an equally mammoth task), now is the time to really make the effort. Luckily Nike are on hand this November to give us an extra push. This week Nike introduced the Nike+ FuelBand SE, the newest version of their iconic Nike+ FuelBand which works in line with a new Nike+ FuelBand App.

It originally launched in 2012 and tracks movement during the whole day to tell you just how much you are burning. Whilst it’s great as a daily informant, the added knowledge it gives you encourages you to take your activities during the day to the next level. If you see just how much more you burn by waking up a few minutes earlier to walk to work or the station, instead of taking the bus, the likelihood is you’ll make it more of a regular practice.  The newest version that made its debut this week delivers even more information and a handy dose of motivation to keep users going and comes in the classic black with the addition of colour options on key parts of the bamd.

The FuelBand measures the effects of all kinds of activities, from a morning workout to a big night out, the effectiveness of which depends entirely on your dancing enthusiasm.

One of the most popular apps that can be used in conjunction with the FuelBad is the Nike+ Running app, for which updates have also arrived. New features iclude Photo Sharing that allows runners to share pictures of the run instantly through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and path,  and Auto Pause, which uses GPS technology to detect when the runner has stopped, and automatically pauses the workout. When running resumes again, the app resumes automatically. Very handy!

The Nike+ Move App is the introductory NikeFuel app for iPhone 5S  users which measures when, where and how you moved throughout the day. It then lets you compare your movement with that of your friends or other Nike+ Move users around you. So if you’ve got a competetive edge, that’s one aspect that’s sure to get you going.

The Nike+ FuelBand SE will be available at the beginning of November this year, and the same goes for the apps. To pre-order visit the Nike site.

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