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Right Guard Shower +

Right Guard Shower +

There’s nothing better than a long, luxurious shower. The type that you can really indulge in, daydream in, or sway to the music on your shower radio with. Obviously that sort of shower can only take place on a evening. A morning shower is an entirely different matter. Well, for me any way. No matter how much I plan, how early I set my alarm, a weekday morning always ends up being a rush. It all starts with the alarm. I’m actually quite good with my alarm, I get up straight away, hop out of bed, fling open the curtains, and I’m awake. Hello morning!

The it’s shower time. But that’s an in-and-out business, no time is spared. Afterwards I moisturise, no skin savvy lady is going to skip that stage! My skin can get quite dry, so, especially in the winter months, this is an essential part of my morning. On goes the cosiest, fluffiest dressing gown I own, delightful! A quick application of makeup and a brush through of the hair followed by breakfast, and then I’m straight into my outfit for the day. My sports bag and handbag are quickly slung over my shoulder and before you know it I’m out of the door. Not exactly a leisurely start to the day, but it’s the only kind I can manage if I want to stick to my eight hours sleep each night.


One little gem has made a difference though. Right Guard Shower + Lotion combines a beautifully scented shower gel with the moisturising properties of a lotion. Simply use as you would a shower gel, wash off and as you step out of the shower and start to get dry you’ll fell as though you’ve spent a good few minutes massaging in a rich moisturiser. It’s the perfect combination for a smooth and supple body. That gives me a good five minutes to spare in my morning routine. It doesn’t sound a lot but you can put it to good use. You can make your lunch for work that day, spend time getting a new hairstyle just right, or even just sit down a little longer with your breakfast watching the TV.Having the freedom to do just that will make your morning a whole lot calmer, and who wouldn’t want that?

The Right Guard Shower+Lotion is just a third of their new range, which also includes Right Guard Shower+Oils, which contains Argan Oil to condition and rejuvenate skin, and Right Guard Shower+Nutrients, which contains a unique complex of seven caring nutrients including Vitamin B and Acai Berry to nourish skin. At £1.99 they are an inexpensive way of saving time and pampering skin. Luckily for you, these new shower gels are currently on offer at Tesco where they are on sale at £1 each until 11th November 2013. For more information visit the Right Guard Facebook page.

*This is a sponsored post.

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