Online Beauty Booking With Wahanda

BATD ON Jul 22, 2013 AT 5:11 am

As if all the pre-holiday beautifying appointments (wax, mani-pedi, roots. . ) aren’t time-consuming (and expensive) enough as it is, there’s also the awkward issue of actually booking them all. Yes, you know what I mean; those awkward desk-side calls, attempting to schedule in a full-leg and *whisper it* Hollywood wax. . . “yes, yes, all off” conversations surrounded by colleagues.


So this summer we love Wahanda for making holiday prepping just that little bit easier, and less cringeworthy, thanks to their online health and wellbeing directory of listings through which you can, without anyone knowing, book all manner of treatments, spa-days and salon appointments. Simply enter your location, treatment-type and preferred date and time, and Wahanda will provide a list of salons, with their prices and availability.

And what’s more, thanks to their nifty ratings system, you may even find yourself unearthing some hidden treasure of a nail bar, inexpensive-enough-to-have-weekly full body massage or local-and-fabulous blow dry bar. All at the click of a button.

Beauty booking made easy.










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