Pedalling Petals

BATD ON Jul 31, 2013 AT 10:54 am

What could be more romantic than receiving a weekly bunch of fresh flowers via handsome stranger on a bicycle. Ok, so we can’t guarantee the handsome part, but that hasn’t stopped us becoming totally enamoured with Petalon: an independent florist combining the freshest, most succulent and room-changing bouquets with same-say delivery via the most eco-friendly and efficient of methods.

Taking advantage of their shared workspace with Kennedy City Bicycles and proximity to the flower market, Petalon offer a totally innovative (and fume-free) take on floral gifting.

Offering just two bouquets per week, of which the flowers change in accordance to the seasons and choice of fresh, full blooms,  arrangements are wrapped in a range of complimentary fabrics or strategically placed in lovely vases (as such, waste is kept to a minimum – as are costs) before being popped onto a bike and cycled through the streets, straight to your day later that day.

Petalon: Boutiques by Bicycle

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 11.39.44

So, this week, from Monday 29th July to Friday 2nd August , choose between two ends of the summer flower spectrum. Opting for the more neutral and classic white roses to purify your living room or reclaim innocence after a fight with your partner. Or plump for something a little more tropical, by way of these sumptuous nectarine roses blended with an array of  bright, juicy hued flowers.

Petalon Bouquets by Bicycle, £20 (which includes a donation to Capital Bee and free London delivery)

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