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Mimi ON Aug 16, 2012 AT 9:30 am

Plan Bread Salmon Sandwich

Lunchtimes are always something of a sticking point in our office. The decision making invariably starts at around 11 am, as tummies start to rumble. And despite having hours to mull over the potential salads, wraps, hot or cold food choices, more often than not we still end up in the local Pret.

But a surprise delivery from new London sandwich company, Plan Bread, has recently changed all of that.

Offering a tasty, low calorie white bread alternative with fillings that are both nutritional and delicious, the Plan Bread range of carefully considered sandwiches will change your view of ‘healthy’ lunch choices with bite.  And it’s not just sandwiches that Plan Bread do well. Having, for testing purposes only of course, tasted each and every one of the delectable, and healthy, desserts on offer, we can confirm that the Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse, the White Chocolate and Passion Fruit desert, plus the yoghurt and granola pots are also worthy lunchtime contenders.

Plan Bread Desserts

Providing a low calorie option to standard white bread is what the Plan Bread company was originally set up to create, and rather than the lack of substance bread substitutes you usually find, these were ever so slightly akin to Sourdough. Doughy in texture with fillings such as turkey breast with a cool salsa sauce, king prawns with a lemon infused cream cheese spread and a poached salmon option with tzatziki, all super fresh and packing a 400 (ish) calorie punch.

Delivered straight to your door packaged in cute green gingham wicker baskets, this is one lunch offering you’ll be reordering.

Plan Bread Sandwich Delivery Service, sandwiches from £3.90, check the website for menus, prices and delivery options 


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