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Mimi ON Jul 24, 2012 AT 1:29 pm

Will one more email make you go nuts?

Will one more email make you go nuts?

Anxious about life in general? Having a constant niggle that things are going to go wrong? Can’t get to sleep for worry? Then you’re probably coping with the nasty side-effects of anxiety which if ignored can have quite a detrimental effect on your health, your wellbeing and even your relationships.

Sometimes life can just get the better of us. Changes in financial security, the breakdown of a relationship, illness and even more day-to-day worries like whether your kids are going to be okay or whether you’re going to perform well at that job interview, can all be built up into a heightened state of anxiety. We’ve all been there. The heart pounds for absolutely no reason when you should be at rest. Your temper seems to fray at the slightest incident. You have no patience whatsoever and often feel close to tears. Or you may just be feeling anxious but can’t quite put your finger on why… anxiety is a mare but you can get help and learn how to control those feelings making life feel much, much easier.

Getting advice is not something you should shy away from and even if you think your worries are silly it’s always worth consulting an expert. So AXA PPP healthcare mental health expert, Dr Mark Winwood, is giving you a fantastic opportunity to get your questions answered directly and without even leaving your desk.

From 6.30 – 7.30pm on July 25th (so tomorrow) you can take part in a live Twitter chat with AXA PPP on the subject of anxiety and how to overcome it. Don’t be shy, they’re here to help so no matter what your problem or niggle ask for the Doctor’s opinion – it may be just the kick-start you need to feeling a whole lot better. All questions will be passed on to the Doctor and answered in the following day’s live chat on the AXA PPP site. Not only that, but three people taking part in the twitter chat will be chosen at random to win a goodybag full of pampering products worth £80! Just remember to use #axapppchat as a hashtag.

If you can’t make the twitter chat then you can also contact Dr Winwood during his live chat on the AXA PPP website on 26th July from 2-4pm. He will be answering all the questions in detail that were asked during the Twitter chat plus lots more!

And if neither of these ways of getting your worries looked at, leave your question in the comments below, or get in touch through Facebook or Twitter, and AXA PPP will get back to you with a response from Dr Winwood a few days after the online clinic ends.




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