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By Krista Madden

ProLon is a five-day Fasting Mimicking Diet which has been developed over a number of years at the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California, lead by Professor Valter Longo. Their research has proven that fasting can actually have a positive effect on a number of health-related issues and ProLon is a safe dietary program that only lasts for five days – so it’s not a dreadful long-term diet… phew!┬áThe amount of reasons to do it is so impressive I was actually really looking forward to doing it just knowing the amazing effects this would have on my health not just my waistline.

The benefits of cutting calories as well the carefully thought out ingredients are incredible, this is not just a short term fix, the research that has gone into creating Prolon is to help live a longer, healthier life without having to make drastic changes to your every day diet. If you spend 5 days a month around 3 times a year eating a Prolon plan you will see lots of long term positive changes.


This is the first meal program made with healthy natural ingredients, it is a plant based diet so anyone can try it. The way the diet has been designed, over the five days, your body is tricked into thinking you’re not eating and ultimately remains in a “fasting” mode. The way ProLon like to describe it is “fasting with food”.


The meal program is made up of nut bars, soups, olives, teas, kale crackers and vitamins. It’s low in carbohydrates and proteins but it contains good fatty acids that fill you up, not as much as you’d want but I was surprised how much I didn’t want to eat. The idea of 5 days seems quite manageable until day 4, which was my hardest day. Once I got to day 5 I knew I was on the home straight and suddenly the 5 days felt like they sailed past. I don’t drink tea or coffee and always start my morning with hot water and lemon so I didn’t miss the caffeine, if you want you can have your coffee but it is best not to. I don’t ever weigh myself but noticed a big difference all over, my clothes felt looser and I was much less bloated.

Would totally recommend to anyone who wanted to give their health a kick start and re-address what they are eating every day, as once I finished this diet my appetite was so small I didn’t want to eat much at all. This was the extra bonus of the fasting, your stomach naturally shrinks and for the next few weeks I ate less and noticed the weight loss continue.

Read more about it and how you can buy ProLon here.

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