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Mimi ON Jul 02, 2012 AT 2:53 pm

Bubble Wash Doggie Pet Spa

by Chrissy Iley

My cat Slut loves nothing better than to give a good Thai massage. The kneading of her paws on flesh is her raison d’etre. When her nails grow it can be quite painful. I’m used to it. All part of the service. But when a friend arrived to visit and my cat did an extra thorough job I heard yowls and screams and yelps of pain from the spare room which ended with my friend telling me that she had not come to visit an S&M dungeon and that she was taking my cat to be pedicured.

Nail clipping for cats has been a problem for me in the past. They can go to the vet and it costs $15, more than a human manicure. But they don’t like going to the vet. They smell the fear, remember the pain, sulk, vomit, mewl and generally have a stressful time, so stressful that I have long ago stopped taking them and made do with shredded sofas.

But once Joanne Whalley came by and couldn’t stand to see Slut walking on her own stilettos. She clipped off the nails there and then, but few are quite so brave. And I’m certainly not brave enough to tackle Slut’s claws. My other cat Mr Love has giant claws also, but they are less sharp and he never Thai massages.

So, Slut was scooped up and taken to Bubble Wash Doggie, which is a grooming parlour on Sunset Boulevard. The receptionist is from Yorkshire. It offers a full service of washing, cutting and blow-drying for cats and dogs.

As is often the case in human salons, short hair is cheaper than long hair, prices ranging from $45 to $90. The nail care services are cut and file, or full pedicure ranging from $10 to $17. Cheaper than the vet and a better service.

Slut was whisked in and whisked out. No meows of fear or disapproval. She was so pleased it wasn’t the vets and was a little in shock as she sped past a fellow feline waiting for a lion clip and several dogs being given shampoo treatments (aloe or oatmeal?).

Back at house of purr she was a new cat, her services in the Thai massage department with her blunted nails were now appreciated. Everything turned out well. Next time she’ll have the full pedicure and have some paw massaging herself.

Bubble Wash Doggie, 8176 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90046, www.bubblewashdoggie.net

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