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One of my favourite facials ever is QMS at Liberty’s. The Liberty facial room is so like an oasis of calm in a busy city it’s always a treat, plus who doesn’t like a Liberty’s sale to cruise around afterwards. The facial room I will warn you is dangerously near the shoe department. I was lucky enough to have QMS’s Rowan and her magic hands perform skin miracles. I love the QMS products. Their advance intensive eye care cream (£103) is a miracle I would never want to be without. I love being sprayed in oxygen. It really helps stressed skin to rejuvenate. I love the Algae mask they give you. It goes on ice cold and super thick and ends up solidifying into your skin shape. When Rowan peels it off she looks on the inside for potential dehydration or potential problem patches. That’s when she introduced me to the lip line corrector (£150) as the super lip treatment.

QMS Eye Cream,

QMS Eye Cream, Lip Corrector, SkinTone Light Serum

I’ve had a dry lip problem my entire life. Every handbag I own contains a half used lip balm and an emergency lip cream. I am the lip liner expert but I’d stayed away from it because I didn’t realise its potential and its power. I thought it was for correcting lines around the mouth which I don’t really have but it’s for correcting the lips themselves, making them forever juicy and plump. We also noticed some annoying round bits. This sun damage had been around a while. It’s not something that I’ve really noticed until recently because I’m usually in at least a tinted moisturiser which blocks it out.

Summer is the time where the unexpected does come to light. I had been told that no cream or serum would really work by a dermatologist who wanted to give me expensive and potentially painful lasering. I also found the summer is never the perfect time to have a post laser scan. I didn’t want it first of all because of a wedding, then my birthday then my mother’s birthday, but in the meantime I discovered QMS’s skin tone light serum (£112). This makes brown spots disappear and obviously they don’t disappear in one go but after about a week they are visibly faded and continuing to get paler and paler. I love the uneatable science behind this brand, first developed for treatment for burns in hospital.

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