Red Stag by Jim Beam

Mimi ON May 19, 2011 AT 2:00 pm

Red Stag by Jim Bean

Red Stag by Jim Bean

by John Gregory Smith

Red Stag by Jim Beam is the UK’s first ever flavoured bourbon.  Fresh out of Kentucky and made with four-year-old Jim Beam Bourbon, Red Stag by Jim Beam has been slowly infused with natural black cherry to create a sophisticated drink that retains the Jim Beam quality standard and 40% ABV.

Red Stag is best served as a chilled shot, or makes the perfect drink with coke or ginger ale over ice.

To celebrate the launch of the new bourbon Red Stag by Jim Beam is sponsoring a few really cool events in 2011, kicking off with very cool, fancy dress rave, Kigu part, then Underground Rebel Bingo and Stag and Dagger music events in Shoreditch and Glasgow.

RRP £21.75 for a bottle of Red Stag, available at Tesco and Asda stores nationwide.


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