Duck and Waffle

John Gregory-Smith ON Sep 19, 2012 AT 2:59 pm

The Duck and Waffle has several great things going for it. One, it has the best lift I have ever been in. It actually makes your ears pop as London dissolves beneath you. And two, it boasts the finest views of London. Quite a claim, I know, but the restaurant is perched at the top of the new Heron Tower and has uninterrupted views of the city. I literally sat looking down onto The Gherkin.  And thirdly, the food, which is modern European, is fantastic.

Duck and Waffle

We started off with a selection of small plates. First we had a lovely fresh Summer Salad (£8) that was made with peppery leaves, tomatoes, beetroot, slithers of red onion, asparagus, pumpkins seeds, creamy ricotta and a lovely sweet balsamic dressing. I love the simple combination of greens, cheese and good balsamic so I was very happy. Then we had Bacon Wrapped Dates (£7) – now these are not normally something I would eat as I have always found the combination of meat loaded up with a sweet sauce very unpleasant. Not anymore. These crispy bacon dates had the addition of linguiça sausage and manchego cheese hidden inside them. The extra pork hit and the salty cheese made this small plate a wonderful flavor explosion. Finally a soft Burrata (£9) was served with a salad of parsley, soured red onions and giant capers. It was as heavenly as it sounds.

Duck and Waffle signature dish

From the “brick oven” section of the menu we had spiced herdwick lamb cutlets with a smoked aubergine puree (£12) and “for the table” we had the signature dish Duck and Waffle. Duck and waffle (£13) sounds frankly bizarre. A crispy duck leg that is served on an American style waffle, with a fried duck egg and a side of maple syrup, spiced up with yellow mustard seeds. I tell you what it was amazing! The duck was cooked to perfection and the rich fatty meat loved the sweet smoky sauce. The egg enriched the whole dish and the starchy waffle soaked up all the delicious juices. It was superb and something every diner must try.

Duck and Waffle, Heron Tower  110 Bishopsgate, City of London, London EC2N 4AY, 020 3640 7310





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