The Electric Diner

John Gregory-Smith ON Jan 28, 2013 AT 10:33 am

by John Gregory Smith

The Electric Brassiere suffered a minor set back earlier this year. Having been burnt down, I am happy to say that the company has come back fighting and opened the Electric Diner – a vaulted, American style diner with an impressive menu, big red booths and an open fire – for some serious grilling.

The Electric Diner is a collaboration between Chicago chef Brendan Sodikoff and the Soho House Group. Brendan has overseen the menu and the décor in the diner was inspired by his own Chicago-based restaurant Au Cheval.

The Electric Diner

 I popped in for breakfast, which is a meal taken rather more seriously in America than it is here, last week. The ham steak and eggs, £10 was superb. The ham had been warm through and covered in sweet-smokey glaze. I added a bagel, which came with a tin pot filled with cream cheese – I loved this as a truly American touch. You can’t possibly have a bagel without a pot of cream cheese! We also had the not-so-American Full English, £11. Well we are still in London, and it was delicious, although it was served on an oval American diner style plate! The menu also featured omelettes, waffles and fruit. Coffee came on tap and the staff were super friendly – as expected!

The Electric Diner

Never before have I actually been pleased by a building catching fire, but if the result is anything quite like the Electric Diner, it’s hard not to be. This place actually rocked, and you can’t get better than serving home made donuts from the cinema next door.


Electric Diner, 191 Portobello Road, London, W11 2ED

Open for breakfast from 8am and lunch, dinner and drinks right though till 12/1am 


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