Royal Wedding Cocktails!

Mimi ON Apr 27, 2011 AT 4:45 pm

Courvoisier Royal Cocktail

Courvoisier Royal Cocktail

by John Gregory Smith


By now you are probably aware that Kate and Wills are tying the knot this weekend and we are all getting another monster 4 day weekend to help them celebrate.

Loads of people are throwing Royal Wedding street parties and BBQ’s so I thought a few delicious, Royal Wedding inspired cocktails would help you get any, bunting clad, party going.

Take a look below for three Royal Wedding inspired cocktails!

Bombay Sapphire

Daniel Baernreuther, American Bar Manager at The Savoy, has created a celebratory Bombay Sapphire cocktail, the Royal Tribute, to mark the upcoming Royal wedding on Friday.

20ml Bombay Sapphire
20ml MARTINI Rosso
5ml gomme
2.5ml maraschino
2.5ml chartreuse verte
Top up with champagne

- Add chunks of ice into a tall mixing glass, add all ingredients apart from champagne, stir until mixed, double strain into a chilled signature coupette, top up with ice cold champagne, garnish with orange twist on the rim.

The Bombay Sapphire Royal Tribute cocktail will be available on the drinks menu at The Savoy’s American Bar from 17 April.


Royal Wedding Punch

Royal Wedding Courvoisier Punch

Ingredients (for one glass):
50ml Courvoisier VS
150ml   lemonade
Four dashes of Angostura bitters

- Chuck all the ingredients into an ice filled glass, with slices of orange and lemon and give it a quick stir before tucking in and toasting the bride.




Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

The Morning After Bloody Mary.

And for those who partied a bit hard there’s Russian Standard Vodka’s Bloody Mary to get your groove back on.


45ml (3 parts) Russian Standard Vodka

90ml (6 parts) Tomato Juice

15ml (1 part) Lemon Juice

4 dashes Worcestershire Sauce

3 dashes hot sauce, e.g. Tabasco


Salt and pepper to taste

- Shake ingredients over ice and pour (don’t strain) into a long glass. Garnish with celery stick and black pepper.

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