Sitaaray – A Bombay Dream!

Mimi ON Mar 10, 2011 AT 12:51 pm

Sitaaray - A Bollywood Fave!

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Sitaaray (167 Drury Lane, Covent Garden), an authentic Indian Grill restaurant and sister to the brilliant Tamarai. The mood is set as soon as you walk in; an explosion of colour and ornaments, Sitaaray is a celebration of all things Bollywood!

The walls are plastered with portraits, stills and mini TV-screens – all celebrating 75 years of the world’s most profitable film industry. Each section of the restaurant is divided into specific Bollywood stars, sections include Heroes, Villains, Comedians and – where we were seated – Heroines. The walls are covered in pictures of Bollywood’s finest (many of them signed) and you can sit back and enjoy a musical on a TV-screen as you wait for your food.

Sitaaray - 167 Drury Lane, Covent Garden.

If it all sounds very busy to you – you’d be right. Sitaaray does a brilliant job at transporting you to the bustling, colourful and lively world of Mumbai – despite being in the heart of London.

As for the food? Delicious. A perfectly reasonable £18 will buy you the Unlimited Kebabs and Curries menu. You choose between Vegetarian or Non and then sit back as plate after plate of food arrives at your table. Portions are small but plentiful and you get to taste everything the fabulous chefs at Sitaaray have to offer. Highlights include the fried fish (light, juicy and flavourful), succulent mini Kebabs and all the curries which are rich and satisfying. Suffice to say that you won’t leave Sitaaray hungry, in fact you may want to wear a pair of trousers with a little bit of give!

The food at Sitaaray is delicious!

In another brilliant touch, all the cocktails are inspired by famous Bollywood movies. You could easily find yourself pouring over the little blurbs in the menu and tasting cocktails to see how they’ve translated movie to drink. Our favourite? Nargis (a love story) which features pomegrante, herbs, raspberries and a dash of Smirnoff Black.

If you’re a fan of musicals (Glee fans, you have to try this place!) or Bollywood, Sitaaray is a no-brainer. Brilliant food, fab cocktails and an electric atmosphere - we’ll definitely be visiting again! Although we will say that you’ll need to prepare yourself for the culture shock once you step out of Sitaaray and back into London, it’s almost like stepping off a plane!

Sitaraay, 167 Drury Lane, New London Theatre Building, London WC2B 5PG. Tel: 020 7269 6422.

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