Stella McCartney Designs Anti-Violence Badge

Mimi ON Nov 19, 2012 AT 3:36 pm

Stella McCartney

Designer Stella McCartney is no stranger to charity work, having supported, partnered with and designed for some eighteen charities and organizations including Kids Company, PETA, and (RED) just to name a few. Now she has created a virtual White Ribbon badge to help raise awareness of violence against women.

The virtual badge will run alongside a two-week online campaign to coincide with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on 25 November. Often referred to as White Ribbon Day, as is its symbol.

Stella McCartney Stop Violence Against Women

“Stella suggested revisiting the ribbon in order to publicise this date, which is not necessarily well-known by the general public,” Celine Bonnaire, executive director of the PPR Foundation for Women’s Dignity and Rights told WWD. Stella McCartney is a member of the foundation’s board, alongside other such fashion gurus as Gucci creative director Frida Giannini and Balenciaga CEO Isabel Guichot.

The initiative is to be promoted via the Stella McCartney Twitter and Facebook accounts and supported by other PPR brands including Gucci. You can get involved and show your support for White Ribbon Day by adding the White Ribbon to your profile picture, tweeting or posting your support, or updating your Facebook cover with the provided logo, all of which can be found via

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