Stressed Out

Mimi ON Jun 25, 2012 AT 3:07 pm

Stressed Out

The world has become a particularly noisy place. Bombarded with information and images, constantly available at the touch of  a button through numerous and often overwhelming and intrusive forms of communication – we rarely ever switch off. Pair this with the daily stresses of balancing work, family, relationships and a social life – and then top it all off with the pressures to be fit, healthy, eat and sleep well. And all of a sudden stress becomes a very real notion.

And whether you consider yourself to be stressed out or not, often it can manifest itself in a variety of not-always-obvious ways. Dramatic weight gain or loss, premature ageing, acne – and that’s just the visible signs. Stress can also be a huge contributing factor to illness, mental health issues and insomnia – to name just a few.

Luckily the first step towards de-stressing is super simple. Talking. Just consider that unburdened, relaxed feeling that you get when you sit and rant over a glass of wine with a friend. But when what it is that’s troubling you goes above and beyond the other half not clearing up after himself, sometimes a more expert opinion is required, which is where the live chat with AXA PPP healthcare expert Dr Mark Winwood comes in.

No matter what your stresses are, or what they involve, if you’d like help combatting them, then ensure that you’re online from 1 – 3.30 pm this Thursday 28th June at

If you can’t make it to the AXA PPP live chat, then don’t miss out, just leave your question in the comments below, or get in touch via Facebook and Twitter and AXA PPP will get in touch with a response from Dr Winwood.

For more information, about both the chat and stress in general, you can visit AXA PPP at

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