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by Chrissy Iley

Urban Sweat Lodge

Urban Sweat Lodge

I first heard about it around awards season. Actresses sweating down a couple of dress sizes to look good on the red carpet. And by sweating I don’t mean pounding for hours at the gym.

The latest craze for metabolism boosting and calorie burning, detoxing, skin clarifying and weight loss is lying down for 45 minutes in the FAR infra red sauna.

Various places all over LA are doing it including Shape House in Larchmont Village and Santa Monica. It describes itself as an ‘urban sweat lodge’ offering ‘sweat packages’ like other places offer Pilates packages.

The science being you sweat out toxins which have prevented you from releasing body fat.

Urban Sweat Lodge.

Urban Sweat Lodge.

At Optimal Health they present it in a very scientific doctorly format. Optimal Health offers various detoxing opportunities including colonics and they encourage the sauna and colonics together as a huge boost to the metabolism and detoxing process.

You lie in a dome of the infra red sauna. Its delivery system helps you sweat at a more comfortable temperature than a conventional hot sauna promoting a hyperthermic state that can lead to increased heart rate, increased circulation, unblocking of sinuses and a boosted metabolism and immune system, which for $45 per single session or five sessions for $175 all sounded too good to be true.

It’s hot, but not too hot. When you shower afterwards you feel like you’ve never had such a powerful shower, that you’re sweeping away toxins. It certainly has a very instant effect on the skin. It provides a clarity and glow that differentiates itself from a facial treatment because it provides a body wide glow.

I am also told that it may mobilise subcutaneous fat as well as abdominal fat which lessens the risk of heart disease. Anyway, it involves lying down, doing nothing and accelerating your metabolism. The exercise of dreams.

Optimal Health, 292 La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90211. Tel: 310-360-1199. www.optimalhealthinc.com.

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