Tastes Like Lollipops

Mimi ON Sep 27, 2010 AT 5:16 pm

Not just a children's party (note champagne glass in background!)

Not just a children’s party (note champagne glass in background!)

Birthday season at home this week with 2 children’s birthdays in the space of 1 week. Mayhem…and the perfect time and place to try out our sparkly new Soda Stream.

First impressions of the jolly, brightly coloured packaging were great, is this really a SodaStream?!  The curly wurly straws were the first thing out of the box to cause excitement with my 4yr old, he was all of a tizz about which colour he could try first. He then discovers there is a far more exciting sparkly machine to surface from the box which he may be able to get his hands on. After the shock of seeing a Soda Stream looking so snazzy and high-tech, Dad, who loves a gadget takes over with putting it together which was very easy and quick.

Soda Stream

Soda Stream

Ahhh but we read that we need to first fill and chill one of the bottles they supply with water (just tap water is fine) before we use it….cut to an hour later we continue… bottle of water chilled.

Ok, what flavour to try now, a massive selection of flavours, including lemon & lime, apple & cranberry, cola and ginger ale. The 4 year old old wants to try the Orange first and is standing up on his little chair to reach the counter to get a close up of the Sodastream action. He is dying to get his hands on it but maybe next time we say… So a measure of concentrate is added to the water, we then simply had to place the bottle in the right position on the machine, again all very easy, and press the button to create the bubbles!

A big fan of the Soda Stream!

A big fan of the Soda Stream!

Fantastic. Lots of ooohs and aaaahs and later the taste test. We like it a lot and how handy to have Ginger Ale on tap, but how about the very fussy 4yr olds verdict…..”…it’s just like lollipops Mummy!”.

Verdict: I think that’s a winner then! Thank you SodaStream!

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