The Fat Dog, Los Angeles

Chrissy ON Aug 01, 2012 AT 12:40 pm

by Chrissy Iley.

The Fat Dog, LA

I love The Fat Dog, LA. It calls itself a gastro pub, but it’s so much more than that. I love dogs, I love cocktails, I love delicious amazingly well-priced food. What’s not to love about The Fat Dog?

Today on the patio I was greeted by a miniature poodle of a startling colour. Its owner says apricot caramel is the official term.

Why are dog colours often named after dessert – chocolate Labradors, cinnamon pugs – it seems to all tie in very nicely. I was even tempted by the breakfast oatmeal brûlée ($10.00), simply because the dog breeds had got me thinking of the colours of oatmeal and fruit.

The breakfast menu is perhaps the most divine of all breakfasts. There is Crab. Potato and Asparagus Frittata with mixed greens ($14.00) that comes with a mountain of sweet delicate yet chunky crabmeat, and Breakfast Pizza is a heavenly combo of puff pastry, eggs, fontina cheese, baby arugula, shaved prosciutto ($14.00).

The Fat Dog, LA

I’m hoping they’ll have a Fat Cat day where Mr Love would be present. He would love the entire breakfast menu.

For lunch they have delicious, cheap yet exotic soup and sandwich combos. And their alternative burger made from chickpeas brown rice, alfalfa sprouts is wonderfully tasty; it comes on a brioche bun with avocado ($12.00). Their fries are rated as some of the best in LA and they come with a sweet potato version; thin, crisp, moreish. Their Jalapeno Mac and Cheese ($9.00) can come with crab or smoked bacon – with or without it’s sumptuous. Their Chickpea Hummus ($7.00) is one of the creamiest, freshest, crumbliest I’ve tasted.

The Fat Dog, LA

Their Mary’s Farm Free-Range Organic Chicken marinated in honey and lavender is also exquisite, healthy and comforting ($18.00).

Their cocktails also rather fantastic: the Best In Showtini ($9.00) features pomegranate, Stoly and cranberry and the Well-Groomed ($10.00) – Pimms, ginger beer, lemonade and cucumber – refreshing and secretly potent.

Their Bloody Marys are a spicy alcoholic meal in themselves. They come horseradish hot with capers, celery, Worcester sauce. They are as tangy as they are tantalising – and always there’s a lovely dog. Dogs are such conversation openers, so it makes it such a happy place.


The Fat Dog, 801 North Fairfax Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90046.

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