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by Chrissy Iley

The moment came when I was at a party. I met a doctor, Dr Aseem Malhotra. He is a passionate man and he talks about changing the world one sugary drink at a time with the same kind of zeal and charisma that I’ve only ever seen once before.

He told me that Alzheimer’s should be renamed Type 3 Diabetes because a huge percentage of adults with Type 2 Diabetes go on to develop Alzheimer’s – an inflammation of the brain whereas Type 2 is an inflammation of the body. It was the moment that shocked me. I am afraid of manyy things, none more than Alzheimer’s.

Dr Malhotra, a cardiologist in the Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead, told me that when he wrote about his findings that a high fat high protein low sugar diet promotes not just weight loss but is anti-diabetes, I knew that the very next day I should head to personal training guru Zana Morris at The Little Library in Harley Street – a branch of The Library in Notting Hill.

It’s not just a very elegant gym, it’s the place to deliver what it promises. As I have been a disciple of the programme before I knew it worked.

The very specific diet is high fat, protein and no sugar. It helps keep your insulin steady and helps the body to burn more fat.

The Little Library system shows an average fat loss of 7.5 lbs and muscle gain of 3 lbs in just 12 days training. This all may sound too good to be true. It is true; the programme is just really hard.

The eating programme is actually quite interesting. You are not hungry and once you stop eating sugar you stop craving it. You can eat cheese and nuts, in fact you must eat cheese and nuts; cream cheese, eggs, avocado, any green vegetable. It’s actually quite nice. You can eat macadamia nuts and so many things that your brain is tricked into feeling should come with a dose of guilt.

The thought that my sugar levels and my love of chocolate and desserts could actually kill my brain was enough for me to throw myself into the programme. Everyone needs something as violent as that to start a diet and stick to it.

Some people can have a violent reaction that their favourite jeans just don’t do up. It was never the case for me. I would always seek the comfort that only a bag of Revels, some butterscotch Green & Black, or salted caramel ice cream could bring.

I think it’s important before you begin any regime not to be half-hearted, otherwise you won’t stick to it and you will feel a failure.

I felt miserable about myself and one of the things that put me off starting the regime was I didn’t want to be weighed or measured. Some people don’t mind this and as pounds and inches drop off they give themselves little ticks as if each pound or inch was on a to do list.

The Little Library

I decided I would rather measure myself by the way my clothes fit. And after a challenging conversation with Zana this was allowed.

I read somewhere that one inch equals 5 lbs. I’m not even sure if that’s true. But if you begin a regime unable to do up a zip or feeling confined and uncomfortable in the zips you can do up and only 12 days later feel there is room in all of your clothes then that is a resounding and speedy success.

Diet wise I was surprised to find how many meals out are within the diet. Tapas with a basic combination of meat/fish/eggs/cheese works very well. And my meal at El Pirata Detapas in Westbourne Grove was well within the limits, especially with a dish that was cream cheese foam topped with walnuts and endives.

And all the time you’re thinking it’s only 12 days…

The training is only 15 or at the most 20 minutes. I went into this thinking of course, this regime is designed for me. It can fit into my life so easily. The first day I turned up for the legs routine I couldn’t lift, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t do anything.

The gym is tiny with private classes that are sometimes overlapping. I saw the famous and the elderly. I was embarrassed and in awe. They could all do better than me. I was told it would get easier. Arms and shoulders were the same. Almost impossible.

By the third day it was just really, really hard. It did get better. I can’t say it go easy. But I can say the staff at The Little Library are all entertaining and sharp. They are great company and great teachers. And that’s the real thing that gets you through.

The theory that intensity is more powerful as a muscle strengthener than duration is tried and tested. Short intense training sessions create a massive disturbance in muscle tissue, causing it to recruit more fibres and to spark a higher metabolism for several hours afterwards. This accelerates fat burning and increases muscle tone.

When you hit Day 4 you’ve gone off cream cheese but that’s when the gym workout becomes slightly less impossible.

Unfortunately on Day 5 I went to a party and had a drink. The diet works if you keep everything in balance. It works on the ratio of fat and protein. If you add carbohydrates it destroys the ratio, which meant my programme was increased for another three days.

I knew if I slipped up again it would take even longer to get the results I wanted. And the only drink I was allowed is Zana’s special protein powder with a little double cream, which is like an all day dessert – despite its very low glycaemic index.

Her supplement range is called Strong and each one has a different but meaningful bird on its label. They are the most beautifully packaged supplements you could ever dream up. And if something is in a beautiful package it encourages you to use it.

My diet was helped along with Amino Slim, which supports the body for better fat metabolism. You take it before you sleep or before you exercise, and it produces firm tissue, so it’s anti-aging as well.

The Chill Pill with its dove on the front is to help us be happy and de-stress us by delivering us vitamin B5 which is important as it supports the body’s production of anti-stress hormones.

I believe that this pill was vital for keeping me on the regime because it helped cut out my need for emotional eating.

I have tried many diets and crazy classes that took up all day. A juice fast that left me wiped out and I lost only 1 lb after five days and I was so upset I had to eat a box of white chocolate for a family of seven.

This programme is the only one that works and if I can do it anyone can.

Enquiries at: The Little Library, 48 Harley Street, London W1G 9PU. Tel: 020 7637 5855. Visit:

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