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BATD ON Sep 17, 2012 AT 10:10 am

Feed The Models

The frenzy of fashion weeks is upon us and in preparation for the long hours, mad dashes around the city, and – if you’re a model – the back to back castings, hours spent in and out of hair and make up, and the backstage waiting times, the makers of the body-balancing personalised Nosh Detox plan have created the Model Munch Box. 

Not just for models, thankfully,  The Model Munch Box is packed full of power snacks and body-balancing vitamins and minerals, perfect for healthy on-the-go snacking that will keep you continually looking and feeling your best.

A unique blend of activators, vitamins, superfoods, amino acids and antioxidants ensure that you never go hungry between meals and combine to create the perfect immune system, energy and body-boosting snack. A mix of Raw Cacao nibs, Chia and pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes, goji berries and almonds give slow-releasing energy, a raw protein bar made up of nuts, seeds and dates offers a quick hit, whilst the iodine-rich seaweed and an enzyme-based raw smoothie will give you the the vitamin-packed punch that your body needs to work at its optimum.

The Model Munch Box from Nosh Detox

. . . And you thought models long-limbed, lithe bodies were down to a diet of cigarettes, coffee and champagne!!

The Model Munchie Box will be available to purchase at Nosh Detox and will be handed out to models during London Fashion Week.

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