The Olympic Bodies We Want

Mimi ON Aug 08, 2012 AT 2:25 pm

With hard work comes good results, and while for Olympic athletes good results usually come in the form of a medal, we think their bodies do most of the talking. See whose bodies we want the most!


Allyson Felix, Leryn Franco, Maria Sharapova

When it comes to legs, Allyson Felix, Leryn Franco and Maria Sharapova take gold. What we would do to have legs like that!


Jessica Ennis, Lolo Jones, Alex Morgan

Jessica Ennis and Lolo Jones are both runners whilst Alex Morgan spends all of her time sprinting up and down a football pitch,  and the evidence lies in the abs. These girls win our vote for best stomachs.


Serena Williams, Ronda Rousey, Megan Hodge

Tennis, boxing and volleyball are all sports requiring a lot of upper body strength, so it should come as no surprise that these girls’ arms are in top notch shape. Check out that definition (if you can get past the rest of their bodies)!


Jordan Wieber, Zara Dampney, Kerry Walsh

There’s not many people who could pull off a leotard, let alone whilst leaping, jumping and in the case of gymnast Jordan Wieber, backflipping, in front of a crowd of literally millions – which is why we salute these girls and their rather fabulous, pert bottoms.

Now where did I put my trainers. . .








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