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Mimi ON Oct 15, 2012 AT 2:05 pm

‘Virgin Pure, improving life with Strauss Water'

‘Virgin Pure, improving life with Strauss Water’

I have stopped buying bottled water and order tap water in restaurants, but if I’m honest I do prefer the taste of bottled or filtered water, the price is what puts me off. I had always wanted to put a filter on my tap at home, but again I was put off by how expensive it was. I jumped at the chance of having this Virgin Pure water filter fitted at home.

You will need to clear a space on your worktop for it, but you can also get rid of your kettle, no more limescale particles floating in my green tea! I would recommend running a few jugs of water through the filter at first, as I did notice the taste at first, but this soon went. It is so convenient, I love it, ice cold water, ambient temp and boiling water all at a push of a button. Knowing that I am using filtered water for my hot drinks too, is a real bonus. I really would never go back!

The Facts: 

Global water purification experts, Strauss Water has launched a partnership with Virgin group, to offer households a complete drinking water solution which purifies, boils and chills water on demand.  The stylish new units will put an end to lugging heavy water bottles home from the supermarket, remembering to change water filter jugs and even makes the traditional kettle redundant.

The units are plumbed in to your water mains and deliver filtered and purified water, either chilled or at boiling temperature, at the touch of a button. It’s the equivalent of getting bottled water on-tap, ready chilled or heated for your needs.

The Science Bit:  

The units use triple filtration, including a tiny 2 micron filter for ultra pure results you can taste:

The filter catches even the tiniest particles like dirt, rust and sand right down to 0.0006 millimetres.

Flavour killers and bad smelling, bitter tasting chlorine is greatly reduced up to 99%.

The good stuff – essential minerals like magnesium and calcium stay put.

Ultra violet light is the final stage of the water purification process for the safest and tastiest water:

Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

By using light instead of chemicals, like chlorine, your water stays tasting great.

Virgin Pure, improving life with Strauss Water Available in two models, and a range of up to five colours and prices start at £299.

All Virgin Pure customers join the WaterClub which covers a full guarantee, replacement of filters and lamps (they send everything to you when it needs to be done – every 6 months for the filter and 12 months for the UV lamp). It also covers online and telephone support to help customers get the most out of their water purifier.

Virgin Pure units are available exclusively on

*I was given the Virgin Pure Unit to review, there was no payment & this is written in my own words

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