What On Earth Do Pizza

Mimi ON Jul 05, 2011 AT 2:49 pm

What On Earth Pizza

What On Earth Pizza

by John Gregory Smith

I love Pizza – my favourite being salami and chilli – and I am very happy to go out and eat pizza in a restaurant or make them from scratch at home. I don’t do take always and never do cook-at-home pizza’s, as they are always horrid, soggy and burnt, which is the antithesis of what a pizza should be.

Last week I broke my rule. I was given two, organic, cook-at-home pizza’s from What On Earth, which were delicious. I tried the peperoni and pomodoro pizzas that were delivered from frozen to ensure the quality of the ingredients they used. The thin based pizzas came out of the oven wonderfully crispy with perfectly melted cheese and just on-the-turn golden toppings. I was really impressed and have stocked up on them!

The pizzas are available online through Abel and Cole priced £4.99 each. The range also includes their new Primavera Lilley Pizza with spinach, crumbled goat’s cheese, caramalised onions, pine nuts, green pesto and balsamic vinegar.


For more information visit www.whatonearth.co.uk

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