Wonderful Snack Attack

Mimi ON Apr 19, 2012 AT 4:27 pm



Anyone feeling peckish? Look no further than these new and Wonderful (officially so) pistachio nuts. So what makes a pistachio special I hear you ask? These Wonderful® Pistachios are not just larger than average – really big nuts and full of flavour, but come seasoned. Grown under the California sun they are 100% naturally opened and not forced and equally roasted without added oil using a unique rotary  roasting technique.

This all makes them extra tasty as well as being a really healthy snack to enjoy at your desk or with drinks – you can always imagine you’re in California even if you’re at your desk!

Available in a variety of sizes from 150g to a whopping 750g Wonderful® Pistachios are available in salted, salt and pepper, sweet chilli and no salt.



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