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Mimi ON Sep 09, 2010 AT 1:29 pm

Hotel Bloom - The Lobby

Hotel Bloom - The Lobby

By Tamara Hinson

Our trip to Brussels didn’t start well. Actually, I’ll rephrase that. It started off very well, due to the fact I took my very first trip on Eurostar. How I have avoided this before? I really don’t know. Being a Eurostar virgin, so to speak, I was somewhat excited at the prospect of zipping under the channel at 186 mile per hour, although I must admit I ended up being more excited about the abundance of complimentary reading material than anything else.  Anyway, after just under two hours, we arrived in Brussels, and to be honest, I probably shouldn’t have got off, because after a short metro trip on the wrong line my partner and I disembarked in what was obviously the red light district – think lots of old, chain-smoking women dressed in skimpy underwear posing in windows.

But anyway, things soon improved when we eventually emerged from the back streets of Brussels and stumbled upon our hotel, which was located a short walk from the city centre on the Rue Royale (and nowhere near the red light district, I should add). We’d opted for the 305-room Hotel Bloom! because it offered the same value – if not better – than the obligatory city centre Etaps, Ibis’s and Holiday Inns but appeared to possess infinitely more character, and on entering the eight storey building, it was immediately obvious our suspicions were correct.

The whole place oozes effortless cool without any of the pretension associated with similarly trendy places. In the bright, spacious reception areas, ball chairs hung from the ceiling while the walls featured colour-changing blocks of light. After checking in with the incredibly friendly staff, we made our way to our room.  

Hotel Bloom - The Bedroom 1

Hotel Bloom - The Bedroom 1

All the rooms at Bloom! are different, but each are equally chic. Admittedly this is the kind of claim made by many style-led hotels, but at Bloom! it’s not just a case of the bed facing a different direction. The owners of Bloom commissioned up-and-coming European artists to daub their designs on the hotel room walls. Additionally, the hotel regularly hosts “Art’n Bloom” events, which sees temporary exhibitions installed in some of the rooms. Our room featured a huge, wonderfully bright image of a flower shedding its petals, by Finnish artist Anton Wiraeus. The massive design looked fabulous against the huge expanse of pristine white wall and bright green carpet. Yes, you did read correctly – a bright green carpet. But as with many things at Bloom!, while in theory it might not sound that great, at this hotel, everything just works. For example, in London, I’d probably sneer at a hanging Perspex ball chair, but at Bloom, I happily sunk into its cushioned interior, and while the mere thought of a whole wall daubed with a colourful mural would probably be enough to keep my awake at night, in Bloom I happily stayed awake just to gaze at the artwork adorning my bedroom wall.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, where’s the catch? Where’s the leaking toilet, broken TV or dwarf-sized bath? I can happily report none of these things existed at Bloom; the bath was huge, with endless supplies of fragrant toiletries, the fridge was full of complimentary water and the flat-screen TV was in full-working order. That evening, we enjoyed one of the best night’s sleep we’d had in a long while, and woke to one of the best views we’d ever encountered in a hotel, thanks to the huge panoramic windows that offered stunning views of the city.

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