Adryanna Takes Manhattan

Mimi ON Aug 17, 2009 AT 2:20 pm

Adryanna Dillon

Adryanna Dillon

I overcame my Agyness anxiety over coffee and cigarettes with her last week, but it was Noisettes frontwoman Shingai Shoniwa who took my words away this time over Michael Jackson tunes and champagne.

Ever since I ran into Agyness, I regretted not saying anything to her. I’m never short on words and didn’t even lose my composure when flirting with Robert Pattinson, so when I got a second chance, I had to talk to her.

I was strutting in my aviators through the East Village sipping a cup of coffee when I spotted Agy and her platinum bob ‘do.  A bit of nervousness struck again. But then I thought if there’s one thing I’ve learned in New York City, it’s that every opportunity is there to be had by someone, and it might as well be me.

Agyness sat by herself on some stairs, smoking a cigarette, texting on her Blackberry and petting a puppy. I walked up and said something like, “Hi Agyness, don’t mean to bother you but want you to know that I think you have the best style now and that you’re a total stand out.”

My flattery worked. She thanked me and started talking with me like we were the SATC girls gabbing over brunch. We talked about the neighbourhood, differences between London and NYC (She loves living in both, but wouldn’t we all?!) and guys, of course. We’re both fond of musicians, and totally dig that sort of renegade creativity. 

After about 10 minutes of small chat, I thought I should leave Agyness to her own quiet morning. I said farewell, and she replied, “It was nice to meet you, Adryanna.” As I walked off, all I could think was did Agyness Deyn really just know my name?

Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn

My moment with Agyness was quite cool and totally ordinary. But the normalcy didn’t last long – Shingai Shoniwa of Noisettes brought back all the razzle dazzle I could ask for last Saturday night.

I found out Noisettes were performing in Brooklyn and knew they would put on a must see show. Just from seeing their Live Lounge cover of The Killer’s “When You Were Young,” I knew that their singer was it. I didn’t take a second glance at the other band members in the video to be honest, so when I chatted up two English gents before the show I had no idea one was Noisettes drummer, Jamie Morrison.

His beard distracted me a bit at first, but he was so nice, keen on fashion and downright charming. I’ll save you the details but the show rocked (I still can’t quit dancing to their song “Never Forget You” or singing along to “Sometimes”) and I landed an invite to hang with them afterward.

At the post show spot, the scene was a bit pretentious so we hung out in a space by ourselves but could still hear Michael Jackson songs pumping from the dance floor. Shingai and I couldn’t keep ourselves from dancing, but let me just say it was a bit embarrassing working it to “P.Y.T.” next to her! While she (in a one piece leather ensemble!) pulled out moves straight from MJ’s videos, I moved about in complete awe.

When we sat back down, I didn’t know how to even begin to speak to her. Agy and Mark were cool. R Patz was sex on a platter. But Shingai is a star.

We clinked champagne glasses, and I leaned over to her and said, “You rock.” Maybe a bit cliché, but looking back I couldn’t have meant it more. (Her MJ moves, skintight outfit, double bouffant hairstyle, and mega watt smile are definitely worthy of those words.)

Agyness and Shingai reign as my two it girls right now. You know about the overalls. Now bring on Shingai’s leather get up (and her exercise routine!) for a potentially fatal dose of starpower.

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