Agadir, Morocco

Mimi ON Mar 14, 2012 AT 4:20 pm

We sent Emma Skipper over to Agadir in Morocco to find out exactly what the area had to offer and boy, did she find a treasure or two…

By Emma Skipper

Last week I had the pleasure of heading over to Agadirin Morocco for a few days to see what the city and surrounding areas had to offer. Now, as someone who prefers the cold to the heat and the slopes to the beach, I had never had the inclination to head over to the sunnier climes of Morocco, but with my New Year’s Resolution of trying new things firmly in the back of my mind, off I went… and was I impressed.


Agadir on the map

Agadir is a beach town on Morocco’s Atlantic Coast and has around 300 days of sunshine a year (during my stay in February the temperatures reached around 27 degrees), which probably explains why the city is such a popular spot for surfers and Northern Europeans looking for winter sun! For those of you that don’t know, Agadir was ravaged by a 15 second earthquake in 1960 that completely wiped out the town and left an estimated 15,000 dead and as a result is relatively new. There are hardly any old buildings and in their place now stands new, modern Moroccan architecture and infrastructure. This is most blatant in the tourist sector of the town, which is primarily along the beach front – where I had the pleasure of staying in one such building, The Royal Atlas Hotel.

Agadir beachfront

Agadir beachfront

Over the course of three days I was escorted around Agadir and the surrounding areas to sample what the area had to offer and where I would wholeheartedly recommend heading when you pop over to the Atlantic shores of Morocco yourself… something I’d recommend when you can get flights with BMI from around £150-200 return!

Must ‘Sees’:

The Souk El-Had:

Spices at the souk

Spices at the souk

As long as you don’t go on a Monday (it’s always closed) you can literally find anything in the myriad of over 6000 stalls and shops. I recommend heading to spice stalls to get yourself some amazing spices to take home and then head straight to the Moroccan crafts section where you’ll find presents, interior decorations and carpets. Just be prepared to haggle, a LOT.

Diar Argan:

Learning about Argan Oil

Learning about Argan Oil

Products for sale at Diar Argan

Products for sale at Diar Argan

It’s a little way out of town but if you’re interested in Argan Oil (from the Argan Tree that litters the Moroccan landscape and is only found there) you must head to the idyllic Diar Argan, a compound outside Agadir that culitvates, exports and sells on-site Argan Oil. You can meet the manager and get a great tour with the chance to buy the products at the end. They literally have oil for everything; psoriasis, eczema, pigmentation, massage… you name it, they sell it. Plus, it’s much cheaper out there than it is in the UK.

The Beach:

The beach at Agadir

The beach at Agadir

You can’t really miss it but definitely head down to the beach-front for a stroll. If sand isn’t your thing, try the marina instead where there are a whole hosts of bars and restaurants to choose from.

Vin Gris:

It’s not white wine and it’s not pink… it’s grey and I’m in love with it. The native Moroccan ‘grey-wine’ really is worth a try if you love a crisp, fresh wine. Plus it’s not imported so it’s cheaper.

Taj Mahal Restaurant:

Taj Mahal restaurant

Belly dancing at the Taj Mahal restaurant

An seriously authentic restaurant in the HUGE Hotel Atlantic. There’s an amazing buffet and low sofas to lounge and eat around but the best thing is the amazing performances for the acts that come in sporadically and give you a show. There was a belly dancer, acrobatics and a snake charmer when I went.




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