Are you a Bugaboo Bee?

Mimi ON Nov 22, 2008 AT 6:51 pm

McIntyre's on The Beach
Having a young child doesn’t mean being stranded at home. This rings particularly true for today’s generation of parents, as there’s plenty of help to increase freedom of movement and keep people mobile. Enter Bugaboo.

Bugaboo products are both eminently functional and innovative. They distinguish themselves through integrated functionality, streamlined design and personality. You can, literally go farther with a Bugaboo! Check out these families -­ there’s no question that they’re all still loving their lifestyle.

You can now share your life experiences and inspiration with Bugaboo Friends. This is a community of active, modern people who share pictures, ideas, stories, videos, tips and inspiration to stay on the go. You can become a featured Friend, and even take on a Bugaboo Challenge to win a prize or two! Have a look and see how Bugaboo Friends are rolling ­ not just locally but all over the world; and you don’t even need to own a Bugaboo to join!

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