Gifting USA Style – Part 2

Mimi ON Dec 17, 2008 AT 6:19 pm

Susan Ciminelli Book

Susan Ciminelli Book

The Natural Beauty
Susan Ciminelli products,, $15 – $200

I haven’t been this excited by a skincare line in such a long time.  It doesn’t even matter that Jennifer Lopez, Minnie Driver and the grand dame of perfection herself, Martha Stewart, are all fans.  These products talk for themselves.  Just days after beginning to use Susan Ciminelli’s products I noticed a remarkable difference in both the appearance and texture of my skin.  Susan is a pioneer of holistic beauty and health, so her products are all-natural and many have taken years to perfect.  And I assure you, they all leave your skin feeling as close to perfection as it has felt in a long time.  I have quickly become an avid fan of the Marine Lotion ($95), which you can use from head to toe to give your skin a great glow; the Algae Deep Cleanse ($65), which leaves your skin feeling so soft and energized, and the Special Reserve Cream ($200) that apparently nourishes and hydrates your skin but visibly perks your skin up after just one use.  I have also fallen in love with Susan’s collection of teas ($15/ 4oz).  Each one offers remedial benefits so that you are glowing from the inside out.  Meanwhile, Susan’s book, The Ciminelli Solution: A 7 Day Plan for Radiant Skin (Harer Collins) provides further insight into her philosophy and provides nutritional advice, exercise regimens and meditation techniques to foster physical and mental well-being.  Oh, and next time you’re in New York, be sure to stop by Susan’s spa at Bergdorf Goodman.

The High-Maintenance but Pressed-for-Time Woman on the Run

T3 Hair Products

T3 Hair Products

T3 Hair Products,, $28 – $200

Hair guru, Orlando Pita has been in the hair business for over 25 years.  His T3 collection of products has received major props and it’s no wonder why.  The PRO.Wet-or-Dry Iron ($119) is another life-changing invention that has come into my life this year.  Gone are the hour-long time blocks for blow drying and straightening my unruly, frizzy locks.  I also love the Featherweight Dryer ($200), which as won awards from Allure and InStyle magazines for being the incredible lightweight, time-saving hair dryer it is.  Both tools have quickly become can’t-live-without staples of my beauty regimen and are sure to be greatly appreciated by the time-pushed, high-maintenance chick in your life. 

T3 Hair Products

T3 Hair Products

And, if all else fails, spread a little happiness…..
O’s Big Book of Happiness, $29.95

I understand that in the UK, being 20-or-30-something and a lover of Oprah isn’t something you shout from the rooftops but here in the US, Lady O is a national obsession we are all proud to share.  Oprah says her life’s purpose is to help us live our best lives and in O’s Big Book of Happiness she and her team have compiled over 100 articles in which writers, artists, entrepreneurs and political leaders reveal life lessons that have set them on the path to joy and success.  Right now, when the economy is casting such a dark shadow over our lives, it’s no small feat to spread a little happiness and the messages in the pages of Oprah’s latest book will help even the most pessimistic of people see the cloud’s silver lining this Christmas.

I hope this helps with your last-minute searches for the perfect gift for all those lucky ladies in your life.

So, until next time….
Happy Holidays!

Hannah xo

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