Global Rant: Leaving Las Vegas on Delta

Mimi ON Oct 01, 2012 AT 2:04 pm

by Chrissy Iley

I was leaving Las Vegas. I had a wonderful time. My work had gone well. Met up with friends. We’d laughed and laughed some more. And as I got out of the cab I thought, even Delta Airlines cannot make me miserable. How wrong I was.

My heart had sunk slightly when I realised I’d been put on a Delta flight back to LA. I remember a very unfortunate flight to Las Vegas where my headphones hadn’t worked and the trolley dolly had spat at me like it was my fault. And the whole flight involved endless queuing for the only functioning bathroom.

Las Vegas

On the way back I’d upgraded myself to Business and I’d been given a water that had already been opened and the top inch sipped by someone else. That was nothing compared to what was in store.

You think, it’s a 45 minute flight. What could possibly go wrong?

Las Vegas Airport is large with many walkways and very busy security. The line snaked very slowly and I was in it for 45 minutes. My plane was boarding at 11:45 and it was 11:43 as I got to the security people. As I’d been in a hotel with no printing facility I had downloaded the boarding pass to my iPhone. I’ve seen people with iPhones flash them at airport staff a million times but this was the first time I’d done it. In Las Vegas Airport the man looked at me as if it was the first time anyone had done it. It didn’t scan. He refused to try another scanner. He told me I would have to go back to check in to print out my boarding pass. I said that there would be no chance of me catching the flight. He said that wasn’t his problem. I cried. It didn’t work.

I took the long walk back. Descended to check-in level and saw another huge line. Not only was I to miss this flight I would miss the next one as well.

The airport staff at Delta said it wasn’t their fault that the download hadn’t worked so therefore I had to pay to change my flight. So whose fault was it then? Mine for having an iPhone then. Mine for doing exactly what the instructions said. Why was I to be punished.

She did take pity on me and I didn’t have to buy a new flight but I had to wait and wait, miss everything else that was in my day at the other end and it could only renew my resolve never fly Delta.


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