Hotel Europe (Part 2)

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Hotel Europe Living Area

Hotel Europe Living Area

After a delicious dinner of braised lamb shanks, creamed polenta and green beans and a sneaky desert we all got changed into our robes and slippers to go down to the spa for our Wind Down Massage using the selected essential oils in the ESPA range to ease away tension and set us up for a good night’s sleep. I had a fantastic massage from Anna, who was so lovely and taught me a lot about Ayervedic Doshas, as the spa does combine European and Eastern Philosophies in its treatments.

While we were in the spa the sleep fairy left a Soothing Bath Oil and Massage Oil for us to have a pre-bed bath and an ipod was left in our room with a pre-recorded sleep sequence to help you switch off and aid a restful sleep and clear your mind.

An early morning call to meet by the lake, what a stunning view, here we learnt  the Pranyana Breathing. This is something you may have done in a yoga class – it basically helps to clear your head and does really energise you for the day ahead. We were told the reason for such an early start is that as the sun is rising it is the female energy time and once it is set then we move into male energy so important to do the practice early.

Hotel Europe Spa

Hotel Europe Spa

After a hearty breakfast, I think at this point we were all too polite to take a muffin but clearly all eyed them up as they featured rather heavily throughout the rest of trip. Next on our agenda was a walk through the stunning National Park, not letting those mountains and Loch Lein out of our site, Ireland is such a beautiful place. Our trainer designed some specific stretch routines that I thought were really effective and helped our bodies to wake up and really stand tall.

We had an ESPA Breathing Facial in the afternoon, which combined bespoke techniques to clear the upper energy centres helping you to breathe more deeply thus relaxing facial muscles and tension around the neck and shoulders. This was probably the most relaxed I have ever been in a facial and we all agreed that between us we either nodded off or had vivid dreams that none of us had ever experienced in a facial before. Put it down to the early start, the fresh air or the deep breathing but something was kicking in that said relax, or else and our minds obeyed, let the cosy waffle and spa coma takeover, I’m in!

The rest of the trip was a similar format, with another delicious evening meal, and maybe just a glass of red wine, early to bed and early to rise. The mood amongst us was totally relaxed and in such a short time we felt like we had been there for days and really didn’t want to come home. The staff in the hotel and spa were full of genuine Irish charm that doesn’t really come any more wholesome and friendly.

I am already counting the people I want to take back to Hotel Europe for this Breathing Beauty Retreat, it is excellent value with a long bespoke treatment every day, an excuse to just pad around in comfy waffle slippers and robe all day. The spa facilities are amazing, swimming through the indoor pool to sit outside with a view of the mountains while your body is gently pummelled by jets is definitely some sort of bliss.  ESPA Nirvana.

The Breathing Beauty Retreat costs 600 Euros per person (on a sharing basis).

Espa at The Europe
Co. Kerry,

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