Is Mr C The Sexiest Hotel In The World?

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Mr C Hotel - Beverly Hills

Global Lust By Chrissy Iley

Mr C, I have decided, is the sexiest hotel in the world. It’s a magical combination of olde worlde stylishness and glamour mixed with a warmth and homeliness and all-inclusiveness. Mr C is in Beverly Hills, but it’s sort of hidden, off the beaten track, and it reeks of discretion.

I first discovered its restaurant soon after it opened. I loved the low chairs that makes everyone sit in a relaxed position. It’s impossible to be tense. At the time P.Diddy was a resident there. Every time I was there he was there on a table of actors, directors, models. It was pure glamour. But at the same time there was no haughty edge. The waiters impeccable in their hand-tailored Italian suits, showed warmth as well as charm.

Celebrities are in every corner in Hollywood. In the case of Mr C it is Mr C itself that is the celebrity.

Mr C is the conceptual child of the Cipriani brothers and it carries over the flavour of their world-renowned restaurants (New York, London, Istanbul, Hong Kong and of course Harry’s Bar, Venice) and some of their clientele.

The manager of Mr C, Beverly Hills, is Sam Jagger, who was previously at the Delano, Miami Beach, Mondrian Los Angeles and the Sanderson, London. All hotels that were classics of cool at the peak of their game under his direction. Despite his history of cool, Mr J is a warm and special man. He and his wife have rescued several dachshunds and one demi-dachshund. You have to warm to him for that alone.

The restaurant serves the creamiest, fluffiest, silkiest burrata imaginable. It comes with tomatoes that have been peeled. The exotic, the nursery, are mixed on a plate. Peeled tomatoes! That’s extreme care. The bread sticks are tiny, crisp, and hard to tear yourself away from. The raw sweet scampi, which is dressed in lemon olive oil, is a one-off experience. It melts in the mouth into total deliciousness. The calamari are the perfect crisp on the outside, soft within. They are the perfection of calamari on which all others should be copied. After that I enjoyed a flattened chicken, but I’ve also known the scampi curry.

If you can imagine an Italian curry with the best aspects of Italy and the spice world, here it is. My friend loved the tuna tartare and the thin sliced veal, which was also mouth melting. If you can exquisite the subtlety of the food, the delicacy, the style, and apply that to the whole hotel you have the kind of place of fantasy – nothing could ever go wrong if you lived at the Mr C.

When you check in you don’t see a check-in desk but a bar. Instant homeliness and a perfect bellini.

Mr C Hotel - Beverly Hills

Sam Jagger says for the summer ‘we are going to have a yacht club experience. It will be one day a week; brunch and then a day by the water with a few drinks. There is a nautical feel to the building anyway. The floor is teak wood that looks like a yacht.’
How does he manage to get his hotel so exclusive and homey at the same time? ‘When you walk in you don’t see a front desk. It brings your defences down a little bit. The family tries to make all customers feel as comfortable as they can. You create the kind of environment where people feel comfortable, then everybody comes because like minds think alike.’

The original vibe of comfort and caretaking was of course invented by the Cipriani’s at Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy.
You notice the clientele is of all ages. It’s very inclusive. Jagger agrees, ‘I learnt from the best marketer in the business (he means Ian Schrager).’
“When the Sanderson first arrived in London it was one of a kind. It has since been copied…’ but Jagger was there as a pioneer. And he’s used to catering to difficult needs. ‘M&Ms all the same colour? No problem. Flowers that aren’t in season. Difficult to find energy drinks. We will do all that kind of thing for the individual. And you get it to them quickly and efficiently. Those are the signs of a luxury hotel more than anything else.

‘Everybody is watching us at the moment. When there is a new kid on the block people like to see what you do, what your product is like and how it comparers to theirs.’

Often hotel rooms are either overly fussy or overly modern – angular and dark. The rooms here are oases of style, elegance, comfort.
‘It sets a tone of lightness and elegance. Often hotel halls are dark.’ The colours here are white, baby blue and burgundy. Very Venetian. The bedrooms are in white tufted leather with saddle trunk furniture – very seafaring. The mini-bars are brimming with exceptional wine and the drawers stacked with nuts and gummy bears. The Mascioni sheets have 350-thread count and are topped with waffle-weave blankets. ‘It is the staple of the family and they have it on their beds at home.’

Mr C Hotel - Beverly Hills

The rooms come with a giant rain shower in full marble. The suites have a rain shower and a sunken bathtub. The sunken bathtub has a porthole window so that someone in the teak floored living room can peer into the person taking a bubble bath.

By the pool there are orange day beds with cream pillows and one of the cabanas is kitted out like an outside living room, complete with a white mini Murano glass chandelier. Downstairs there are several giant white Murano glass chandeliers, hand-made especially for the location.
It’s such a full experience with such intricate and attentive service, and the location is perfect. A man called Angel will even take you in his courtesy limousine shopping or hiking, wherever you want to go.

You know the saying; it’s the journey not the destination. In the case of Mr C, it really is the destination.

It’s the kind of place you never want to leave.

Mr C, 1224 Beverwil Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90035

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