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Mimi ON Nov 18, 2008 AT 6:08 pm

Sometimes a girl needs a night away from the humdrum of daily life. Parties, press launches and continual schmoozing can take it’s toll, don’t you know?! Last week I was close to melt down and the thought of spending my Saturday cleaning up the mess I had accumulated over the past five days was just too much to bear. My solution? A night at the K West Hotel & Spa to try out their new Sex and the City package.

I packed up a capsule wardrobe, dialled my housekeeper Maria who would spruce up my crumpled apartment in my absence and headed for the door. What would a girl do without hired help?

I swung my soft top round to my favourite man friend’s pad – I knew he’d be the perfect companion for a night of indulgence, luxury and irresistible treats. I might never get my hands on Carrie’s to-die-for wardrobe, but now I could ensure that my own Mr Big and I could, for one night at least, pretend to live an NY lifestyle.

We arrived at K West where we were met at the reception desk by an extremely friendly gentleman who took my keys and parked my car in their valet parking section – how very New York. Such friendly, efficient service from the outset usually means a throughly enjoyable stay…I couldn’t wait to see more.

We opened the door to our suite on the 4th floor, dumped our bags and jumped onto the vast bed that literally screamed ‘Lie down.’ Time was of the essence though so there was only time for a bit of snooping around the room (TV, check. Big bathroom, check. Mini bar, check. Room service menu, check. Huge bed, check. Fresh fruit and a healthly supply of mineral water, check!) Despite still being in London, it’s amazing how good hotels can make you feel like you’re a million miles away from the all encompassing rat race. All of a sudden I felt relaxed and ready for some fun (ehem!)

Next, we shuffled along to the Spa. I had booked in for the Kick back and RelaKs pedicure in Vanity K, K Spa’s nail bar. My Mr Big was going to play in the K Spa facilites while I was away and seemed rather excited about the thought of a stream, sauna and jacuzzi…he made no mention of a gym workout though – hmm!

My treatment consisted of 60 minutes of pure relaxation and indulgence. As I sat in the comfort of an armchair, my feet were gently cleansed with fresh lemons and then subjected to a brisk and invigorating exfoliation. My cuticles and nails were expertly tidied and my hard skin was buffed to extinction. A reviving lemon foot mask was then applied as the therapist performed a fantastically energising foot massage.  A final citrus spritz and a coat of a polish of my choice ensured my feet felt fresh and fabulous for the night ahead.

I arrived back at my room and was greeted by My Mr Big who had a bottle of champagne on ice and lots of lovely nibbles to munch on. We toasted our fabulous new lifestyle, got changed and headed downstairs to the bar. We both opted for a sumptious cocktail and spent the next hour discussing how this new glorious existence could become something more permanent? A transatlantic relocation, perhaps?

Things seemed to go from good to great when My Mr Big announced that he had booked one of my favourite restaurants for dinner, The Greenhouse. After a delicious meal and several glasses of fine wine we headed back to our city retreat for one final drink. The bar was comfortably busy with a friendly crowd and served as the ideal place to have a night cap.

We awoke the next morning (hey, I’m not going to tell you the finer details of last night) with a knock at the door – it was our champagne breakfast of course! We happily clinked glasses and ate our way through eggs, bacon, sausage, tomatoes…it was quite a feast. I really didn’t want our ‘city break’ to end but alas, all good things must fizzle out and before I knew it I was kissing My Mr Big goodbye and heading back to my apartment, and real life.

I would thoroughly recommend a trip to the K West Hotel & Spa. Ok, it’s not a hotel surrounded my rolling countryside but it does offer excellent service, polite and friendly staff, a high standard of cleanliness and great facilities. We were treated immensely well and I would most definitely return. The addition of the Spa facilities, valet parking and, of course the proximity to some fantastic restaurants, bars and shops make this hotel an ideal place to retreat to when you’re in need of some much needed TLC.

The Sex and the City package is available now and priced at £250 per person per night, based on two people sharing. Contact the hotel for more information.

K WEST Hotel & Spa
Richmond Way
W14 0AX
T:   0208 008 6600

k West Hotel & Spa

k West Hotel & Spa

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