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Bruce Reynolds ON May 20, 2009 AT 2:00 pm

LA Insider Bruce Reynolds

LA Insider Bruce Reynolds

Survial Tips for LA

We should all have a mental health day (MHD), a day to just decompress. I was running around town and my friend Matt text me to see if I wanted to go sailing. My initial response was I’ve got to much going on and his reply was pretty much “exactly, you need a MHD”, and he was right. So I think we should all protest to make MHD’s mandatory, and I write this for you having sailed and relaxed for my MHD.

I’m always asked what people should do here so here’s my mini “survival guide to LA”.

In my humble opinion, LA is more a collection of villages in close proximity rather than a City. Beverly Hills (BH), Santa Monica (SM) and Hollywood, are more like villages that make up LA, because each has its own culture and vibe going on and are very different from one another.

Fred 62

Fred 62

So I’ve mentioned the main places, but there are numerous others you shouldn’t miss like Los Feliz It is east of Hollywood and offers a more chilled community vibe with cool boutiques and funky eateries like Fred 62 .Also escaping the LA scene once in awhile is good, so heading off to Old Town Pasadena  is a good mental break.

Now on to the survival items, first up a good mobile phone is vital as you’re always out and about,  but be beware if your service provider is a U.S. carrier, then you’re deducted  minutes when you make and receive calls so any incoming calls even local you will be charged.

On to the phone, the BlackBerry Storm from Verizon wireless  is brilliant! It has all the bells and whistles, but best of all it comes with a talking navigation system and trust me you need this while driving in LA!

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