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by Chrissy Iley

Wellness shots.

Wellness shots.

In the last couple of days I’ve become obsessed with Larchmont Village. It’s a ten minute drive from my home in West Hollywood, but it feels like another city and another era.

The High Street is like Main Street Smalltown USA. It’s made up of an old fashioned beauty supply shop, cute cafes that are not Starbucks, Italian wine store, a tiny boutique called The Library selling vintage jewellery and exquisitely selected designers.

There’s also the Larchmont Juicery. I have become fanatical about juiceries, so I have visited juice areas in every city I’ve ever been to. I know more about the benefits of cold press than it’s healthy to know. I also know that many juiceries aren’t organic. What’s the point if it’s not? This one is.

This one was offering frozen yoghurt swirls, delicious juices and smoothies, with a slight edge over the competition. Choices included slightly quirkier ingredients – jalapeno is used in one of their juices to up the metabolism, a change from the usual cayenne. Their drinks are cheaper than most juiceries in LA and their atmosphere is friendlier.

The Larchmont Juicery.

The Larchmont Juicery.

They offer a Wellness Shot that I’d never seen – a shot of juiced turmeric ($3.50). They told me it was mood enhancing and anti-inflammatory. I have been told many things about wellness shots and have failed to feel anything. I’ve no idea what the turmeric juice did for any inflammation in my body but I felt a euphoria fill my spirit. It was like a drug, but healthy.

I had to go back the next day for a turmeric shot. The day after that I juiced a pound of it in a friend’s juicer. Turmeric is the new superfood. Since it has been discovered that raw kale isn’t good for the stomach and causes bloating, a new superfood was just what I needed. But the thing about this superfood is you can feel its benefits instantly.

I think I knew that it is meant to be anti-cancer. I didn’t know that its anti-inflammatory properties are said to ward off dementia according to World Alzheimer’s Report 2009. I can’t say it tastes fabulous. That’s why you drink it down in a shot, but the more I read about it the more I love it. it is also said to lower cholesterol and prevent the build-up of bad cholesterol, which in turn is good for the heart. It fights off colds and flu and reduces pain caused by inflammatory bowel disease. It helps digest fat, reduces bloating and can help with diabetes and weight loss. It is also said to stimulate the gall bladder to produce bile which helps digest fat.

Turmeric is a hero. Juice some now.

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