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Bruce Reynolds ON May 14, 2009 AT 4:50 pm

Paul Gregory

Paul Gregory

Paul Gregory is the one Hollywood and New York agents call on when they want to turn their talent into a star. Paul’s taken over 10,000 shots of actors, singers and models. 

Name: Paul Gregory

Occupation: Photographer

Place of birth: New Jersey

Biggest life achievement to date?  Inspiring others

Favourite thing about life? Smart witty conversation with a small group of great friends

Who’s your best friend? I can’t say because there are 4 people who think they are and I don’t want to piss off the other 3

What’s your best characteristic? My humour.

How do you chill? On a down sofa

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Snuggle with my dog Louis pronounced Loo-EE

What’s on your iPod? Everything from Electronica to Miley Cyrus

What’s your favourite item of clothing? My Club Monaco jeans right now

What’s your favourite meal and drink? Most things with truffles or truffle oil, love the rib eye steak at “The Blvd” in Beverly Hills. Favourite drink varies from water, to the frozen blended Cosmo at Cafeteria on 17th street in Chelsea NYC.

What’s a big no for men looks wise? NO single eyebrow (clear way in the middle!)

What’s a beauty no for women? Do NOT over pluck your eyebrows

What’s a must for men? Have a good haircut and be adventurous

A beauty must for women? No chapped lips please! Use lip gloss

What’s your one beauty/grooming secret? Louis my dog licking my face (Did I really just tell you that!?)

What would you change in the world if you could? Everyone would appreciate and love each other! Which would create world peace… do I win Mr. Congeniality?

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