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BATD ON May 05, 2009 AT 3:35 pm

Randy Spelling

Randy Spelling

Join us as we step inside the world of the LA elite. Today we’re talking to Randy Spelling,  a life coach and LA lover. He fills us in on all the hot spots in La la land and explains how he winds down after a hectic day in the city.

Name: Randy Spelling

Occupation: Life/Spiritual Coach

Place of birth: Los Angeles

Biggest life achievement to date? Being in a place where I can help facilitate mind/body/spirit wellness and awareness for others

Favourite thing to do in LA? Go to the Farmer’s market and taking a walk on a warm night
Favourite place to chill in LA?  Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades.  Any place that I can feel solitude and that has swans gets my vote.

Who’s your best friend? Jordan

What’s your best characteristic? Kindness

How do you chill?  My favourite thing to do is to make dinner (preferably something on the grill or wok) light candles, listen to music and then make out with my dog!

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Go pee, let my dog out to pee, check my Blackberry so I can get back to clients then meditate.

What’s on your iPod? Anything from hip hop to jazz and massage music

What’s your favourite item of clothing? My Asics running shoes!

What’s your favourite meal and drink? Sushi and a chocolate/banana/peanut butter malt!  I’m also a burger fanatic!

What’s your one beauty/grooming secret? Satin Oral b Dental Floss…it’s so silky smooth

What would you change in the World if you could? Judgment, portable water for free, world awareness

What’s a beauty MUST for women? Clean armpits

What’s a grooming MUST for men? Trimmed ear and nose hair
What’s a beauty NO for women? moustache
What’s a grooming NO for men? Long and unruly ear hair…unfortunately this happens with age…my girlfriend found two the other day!
How do you stay looking good? Eating well, meditation, eliminating stress, being around things I love and doing something creative.

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